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Angela Connolly owns and runs the successful Dublin-based Interior Design company Conbu Interior Design and am honoured to be the President of the Interiors Association since 2014. I also take great pleasure to be a Judge at Ireland’s annual Fit Out Awards.

My passion for luxury home interiors and custom furniture design is paired with razor-sharp organisation, personable customer relations, excellent service and a pocket book full of Ireland’s premier suppliers, contractors and craftspeople.

Like many others in my industry, I came to interior design a little later in life. In fact, I could use my career as a practical case study in redesign.

In 2007 I bid farewell to my Senior Role in Corporate Relationship Management and repositioned myself as a student at the Dublin Institute of Design. This might sound like a career downgrade from mansion to bedsit to some, but for me it was exhilarating. Each design concept burst open doors onto another and I experienced a true sense of artistic discovery.

Things got even better when I realised that the project management skills I’d acquired working in the corporate business world were directly applicable in interior design. Indeed, I had an edge. Encouraged by family and friends I set up Conbu Interior Design and have been delivering bespoke luxury design projects for residential and commercial customers ever since.

Enjoying what you do for a living is a real privilege and I’m not about to let it go. I have three value principles that guide my design career and for sure spill over into my personal life too.  

The first is Excellence. It’s cliche to call yourself a perfectionist but here I am breaking the rules.  I guarantee the highest levels of quality and professionalism in all aspects of service delivery from concept creation and product sourcing to fit-outs and project delivery. And yes this means I’m able to meet deadlines head on!

Then there’s Empathy. This is critical for an Interior Designer, who is, after all, invited into someone’s home to help them live in it. Our homes are an extension of who we are as people.

This is front and centre in my mind when designing for my clients and I endeavour to see the world in their shoes. That’s not just a metaphor by the way! I recently threw on my highest heels when marking where to hang paintings to perfectly meet the eye-line of the tall art-loving couple I was working with!  

Finally, Education. I strongly believe in lifelong learning – and I’m fortunate to have the energy for it! I love mastering new skills and exploring new styles and inspiration. My unquenchable educational obsession at present is Georgian architecture.  I’ve recently become a member of the Irish Georgian Society. And YES a Georgian refurbishment project would most definitely be a dream project for me.

Angela designed The Harvey Norman Connected Home show house for the 2015 Ideal Home Show and won Best of Houzz 2017 & 2018.

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