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Evija Goncarova 894
Fergus McQuillan 944
Fiona Brennan 1038
Garrett Lynch 1024
Grace O'Brien 939
Grainne Hanssen 1023
Jasmin Laureles 903
Jean Coulter 1036
Karen Bell 890
Katharina Gummelt Katharina Gummelt is an authentic Feng Shui Expert and Interior Design Architect. Her business is based in Dublin and it is called Xiu Feng Shui. She has been passionate about Feng Shui for as long as she can remember. Studying for the past 16 years and consulting for the last 3 years. With the young age of 17, she started to study and implement Feng Shui in her family home and hold presentations in School. She has successfully helped many clients with the creation of harmonious environments. Ranging from offices to homeowners over massage studios and Public Houses. She also worked with some architects to help create a positive connection between clients and their homes. It is compulsory to create a positive environment and there are things you can do to ensure your home supports you rather than working against you. Katharina is providing exclusive advice for your needs. Her presentations include: Furniture placement solutions, Colour scheme inspirations and 3D visualizations with various angles and solutions. As well as product research including prices and web links, an appraisal with before and after views and many recommendations even about decluttering, electromagnetic energy, plants, mirrors. For more information about her testimonials and projects please visit her webpage 974
Laura Cesnaite 916
Laura Kavanagh 897
LCasserley 1018
Leah McGivern 993
Mairead Collier 951
Maria Rodriguez 1022
Megan Lee 942
Moya Farrell 935
Nawel Kouadri 878
Olivia Griffin 1015
Displaying 21–40 of 51  1 2 3

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