Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

1) A member shall not consciously assume or accept a position in which his personal interests conflict with his professional duty.

2) A member shall not work simultaneously on assignments which are in direct competition without informing the clients or employers concerned, except in specific cases where it is customary for the designer to work at the same time for various competitors.

3) A member shall treat all knowledge of his client's intentions, production methods and/or business organisation as confidential and shall not, at any time, divulge such information without the consent of his client. It is the designer's responsibility to ensure that all members of his staff are similarly bound to confidentiality.

4) If requested to proceed with work on which the member has reason to believe another interior architect / designer is engaged the member should make efforts to inform such other interior architect / designer.

5) A member must be fair in criticism and shall not denigrate the work or reputation of a fellow designer.

6) A member shall not accept instruction from his client which knowingly involves plagiarism, nor shall he consciously act in a manner which might bring about plagiarism.

7) A member who collaborates with others on the design of a project shall do their utmost to ensure that any publicity relating to it accurately and fairly reflects the contribution of his colleagues.

8) A member who is asked to advise on the selection of designer shall accept no payment in any form from the designer recommended.

9) A member shall not evade his/her responsibilities to his/her client, suppliers or sub-contractors.

10) Any advertising or publicity material must contain only truthful factual statements. It must be fair to clients and other designers and in accordance with the dignity of the profession.

11) A member shall not imply skills not attested to by his qualifications nor use his qualifications in a misleading way.

12) A member, before accepting a commission, shall satisfy him/herself that s/he can provide the technical, financial and administrative resources required to complete it to a reasonable professional standard.

13) When undertaking a commission shall, a member should confirm, in writing, to the client the scope of the services agreed and the terms & conditions of the agreement.

14) A member shall be honest and truthful in their dealings with clients, contractors and suppliers.

15) A member shall comply with all the statutory procedures and regulations.

16) A member accepts professional responsibility to act in the best interest of the ecology and of the natural environment.

17) Members are advised to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance and any other insurance required.

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